Diskusi Mahasiswa-i INA di Australia ttg JT

Amalia Sanusi commented:

Have you ever heard of Jama’at Tabligh (JT)? My mom and I have been excitedly searching on the internet, trying to find the details about JT.

JT, which was first founded by Mawlana Muhammad Ilyas originated from India, is one of many divisions in Islam and one of the fastest growing Jama’at in Indonesia. Its mission is to spread the world about Islam (that’s why it is called tabligh) and encourage others to do their responsibilities to God which were sometimes missed by these people (e.g. pray 5 times a day, do sunnah prayers, etc). People who extremely believe in JT often give up their life, money, and status. Their entire life is only about worshipping to God, seeking knowledge about Islam, and preaching to other people. They have scheduled journeys, usually for a specified period of 4 months, 40 days, 10 days or at least 3 days. They go from one place to the others, camp in mosques, and refer to Fazial Al Emal as their main resource/book.

But one thing I’ve never agreed about Islam’s divisions is that, although they still refer to the context of Al-Qur’an and Hadits, they innovate new laws and rules which (sometimes) do not accord with what Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said.

For instance, there is nothing in the Quran or sunnah about ‘going out for 3 days; 40 days; or 4 months, right? Yet, it is not haram to do so from time to time, only we should not make it seem that this is a part of Islam. Make sense? IslamAlways.com

The other thing I do not agree with is how JT believers actually live. Again, I must say that I’m not against or what so ever on their good works to spread Islam. But what concerns me a lot is that they tend to make some cases “extreme” and -for me- unacceptable. They do everything too much and sometimes do not understand what the basic principles of Islam are. For example, they truly devote themselves to Akhirah without ever think about Dunyah. They do it extremely “well” that sometimes ignoring their own family: wives and children. Ignore in this context means: stop working, go out for several days and even months, and never send any money to their families.

Now, questions! Why do they ignore their family? Because they want to spread the world about Islam. What happen to the wives and children? They think that Allah SWT will take care of them (kasarnya: “Allah SWT yg kasih makan” or “Allah will feed them”). That’s crazy! I personally think it is. I mean, look, Allah SWT loves people who stay in the middle; not too much, not too little. He wants us not only to think about akhirah but also dunyah. It’s like 50 – 50. But what they do is entirely out of mind. They forget that wives and children are amanah from Allah SWT. They forget that they have responsibilities here. They have to take care of their families. Is this life only about worshipping to God?? Of course not! We have to study, cook, wash dishes, etc. We have to work hard in order to achieve everything we want. Yes, I agree that all of those depend on God’s will. But we have to work hard and try! It’s not like: everything -even food and money- comes straight from God. Certainly not!! It’s not a miracle, it’s a result of working hard.

I met my father’s friend whom later I found that he is one of the recent JT believers. He is a married man with 3 children. I haven’t met him and his family for a year or so. And I saw a great change in him and was very surprised. When I met him yesterday and tried to offer my hand to shake hands, he just smiled and did not offer his hand back. He also grew his beard; just like what other extremists do. My mom also noticed that he tried to avoid starring and making eye-contacts to women. I wondered what on earth is going on here. He and his family are used to be so modern and open-minded; even his children are enrolled to the international school. Then I found out that individuals or groups of JT spread what they believe not only through the mosques, but also through houses. There are a bunch of people who has influenced him – yes, in Jeddah. What surprises me is when I heard that he and his entire family will go back to Indonesia forever. He said that his children’s future are in “Allah’s hand”. Is he going to work in Indonesia? Wallahu A’lam. But it sounds like he is tawakkal and will give his entire life to Allah SWT. It is his right to believe whatever teachings exist in this world. But I hope he will not ignore his own family, just like what other JTs have done.

*Pardon me if I write a wrong thing, but this is what I heard from a lot of people whose families or friends are part of JT. I’ve tried to find articles from the internet about the truth behind JT, but found only some. If you do not agree with this, a comment will be appreciated src=”file:///C:\DOCUME~1\ROZIQIN\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtmlclip11\clip_image001.gif” o:title=”)” /> :)

Verily, this is My Way, leading straight, follow it; follow not (other) paths. Al-Qur’an 6:153

Sang Sangkuni commented

ARGHHHHHHH, u already post another topic… gosh….what a girl…
Ok begini ya mel…..sebenarnya banyak yang gue mau tulis,cuma comment kan gak panjang..kalo gak puas by e-mail aja ya…
Maybe u have to check antoher group in islam like: Salaf, Hizbut Tahrir, Ikhwanul Muslimin, Syi’ah and other things.. I think it will be more wise before u try to give opinion..
About JT??? yah gue cukup kenal dengan JT (eventhough gue belum pernah memasukinya).. tapi memang intrepetasi orang-orang terhadap JT gak jauh beda dengan opini yang lo keluarkan… tapi gue secara pribadi untuk beberapa hal senang dengan orang JT dibanding beberapa sekte lainnya… mereka di mata gue terlihat lebih hanif aja..

“When I met him yesterday and tried to offer my hand to shake hands, he just smiled and did not offer his hand back.”
jangan tersingging loh mel karena ini… mungkin dia memaknai perilaku Rasul yang tidak pernah bersentuhan dengan wanita yang bukan muhrim..jika kamu menganggapnya terlalu ekstrim… ya mungkin karena standar dan indikator yang digunakan berbeda… INi satu perilaku yang gue suka dri orang JT.. maybe they just try to give example…

“He also grew his beard; just like what other extremists do.”
duh mungkin kamu terpengaruh sama media amerika about Osama bin LAden kali… JEnggot itu sunnah rasul lho… jadi pake jenggot tuh gak sama dengan Ekstrimis.. BTW gue kayanya juga miara jenggot, berarti gue ekstrimis donk….ah enggak aha kayanya bukan ekstrimis (emang sih agak konservatif)..

Terlepas dari keberatan poin ini, Gue suka sama tulisan lo…. Tajam…

mulia nurhasan commented

Hehe..i almost make no comment amel, but i’m doing it anyway. I am officially your blog frequent visitor now!
The thing is, for me it’s very interesting that a smart moslem girl like you aware of the social issue like this and tried to make a study based on internet information and religion point of view, however..i definetely agree with your friend Sang Sangkuni (whoever he is) that we must look closer before judging-hm..definetely closer than internet dear…
Diversity is good, because lslam is made for that (from the fact that there are clear statement and vague impression in Quran-Ali Imran:7).
I believe most important is that we could live in peace, next to each other. So the core value of Islam to be the bless of the universe become visible.
(hm..am i too liberate or what??)

Keep on writing, it’s prety much entertaining!

Amalia Sanusi

sang sangkuni: waduhhh makasih banyak commentnya :)iyah, i know i still have to learn more about my own religion. but i just want to share what i thoughts. seneng rasanya banyak yg kritik postingan gw, jdnya kan bisa menyemangatkan gw u/ baca buku agama lebih banyak :)tp ini kali yah hasil didikan ortu juga, krn mereka gak menganut aliran apa2.. paling berpaku pada satu imam, tok. dulu malah gw pribadi mengira, kita bisa menggabungkan ajaran2 antara banyak imam itu LOL. tapi ternyata ga seperti itu.

Yah anyway, dipostingan itu kan gw bilang: “I must say that I’m not against or what so ever on their good works to spread Islam.” Gw malah kagum sama mereka, bisa “memperketat” ajaran2 Islam yg udah banyak ditinggali. Tapi yah itu, gw gak suka dgn tingkah laku mereka yg cuma mengandalkan akhirat. i’ve always been told that: jgn melakukan sesuatu berlebihan, jgn jg terlalu kurang. mereka yg udah extreme banget, melakukannya dgn berlebihan, sampe menterlantarkan anak istri. kalo emang mereka selalu refer ke Alqur’an dan Hadits, kenapa soal keluarga aja diterlantarin??? padahal kan udah jelas2 tercantum dalam Al-Qur’an.. keluarga itu tanggung jawab mereka.

masalah handshake sebenarnya bkn sesuatu yg perlu dimasalahin. semua org saudi disini begitu kok =) cuma gw heran, beliau yg dulunya open minded banget en modern, skrg jadi spt itu… dipostingan ini gw cuma mao ngasih tau perubahan2 dia. jujur, di kampung keluarga gw, sesuatu yg spt itu masih dianggap unacceptable karena masih menekankan adanya culture. tp yah i have no problem.. itu urusan mereka yang mao ngikuti org2 dulu. i’m not that type of person to be honest.

wahaha soal jenggot, sebenarnya gw tau itu sunnah rasul, tapi itu bagaikan “terlupakan” from my mind heuehueh. i apologized for what i wrote. but thanks anyway :)

mulia nurhasan: sebenarnya postingan ini terinspirasi dari diskusi gw dengan orang2tua disekitar gw en juga nyokap :)and yes, i know that i’m very much depend on the internet. sometimes they provide wrong information.
Well, this is what i like about blog. i can write anything i want, and if it’s wrong, you can all correct it :)i agree that i have to read more religious books before i wrote it, but this post is originally from what i thought so far :)
although i don’t like what JT really does, i have no right to stop them. it’s their choice. i’m a women’s rights supporter, and it means that i’m a supporter of human’s rights. but what worries me is how they disadvantage some groups of people… and they indeed force people to believe what they say. that’s something i never agree! but again, their relationship with God is their own business. It’s a personal one. And I have no rights to stop them. But if they approach me, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY NO. If they force people to go to their own way, how can we live in peace? :DHah… too much yee?? tau ah hahaha.. pusing gw..

tanty blåtind commented

I totally agree with you. They’ve been here once and they talked about Islam which I already knew without ever looking at me or other women as if we’re a sinner. And they kept telling us how they suffered – not seeing their family for a long time – because of this dawah. They definitely only thinking about living after death that they forgot their main responsibilities in this world. I think they should read the book ‘Runtuhnya Surau Kami’ written by the late HAMKA.

Besides economically what they do is only wasting their money. They saved and came all the way to Norway to do dawah that can be done by the JT people here. If they have more money than what they need why don’t they give it to poor people in Indonesia instead of spending the money go travelling around the world and neglecting their own family. Moreover, if they really want to spread the knowledge about Islam they suppose to do it to the non muslim not to the muslim people whose mostly already know what they’re talking about.

moeng commented

Mel, ikutan yah..;) agree with sang sangkuni said..abt shake hands and jenggot :D..dan kebetulan, disini saya tinggal di lingkungan JT yang bener2 beda dengan image ttg JT yg spt mel temui, maupun yg dulu saya temui di indo, disini bener2 beda,..mengerjakan akhirat tanpa melupakan dunia, kebanyakan yg JT disini, justru mereka2 yg tetap melakukan bisnisnya, bahkan pendapatan perbulannya sampai 2 juta yen perbulan,..ada 1 contoh nih, ttg seorg yg baru banget di JT, saking ngjossnya, begitu baru kembali dari khuruj 40 hari, dia pingin lagi khuruj 40 hari lagi, nah imam masjid yg saat itu memimpin musyawarah dan tashqil (mengabsen u/ khuruj/keluar di jln Allah) bertanya sama dia, bukannya baru saja kembali? lebih baik mulai mencari nafkah lg u/ anak istri, baru nanti setelah cukup, boleh khuruj lagi, adapun yg 3 hari, 7 hari, 40 hari ,maupun 4 bulan, apalagi 4 bln, sebelum di ijinkan u/ khuruj, ditanya detil dulu ttg persiapannya, bukan hanya bekal dia selama khuruj nanti, tp juga dengan keluarga yg ditinggalkan, hitungan simplenya, kalo dia mau keluar 40 hari sja, dia harus ninggalin bekal cukup u/ keluarga 2 bulan gajinya. gitu..:) dan, sebelum maupun sesudah khuruj, justru, suami di anjurkan u/ ikrom thd istri, dan berkhidmat, maksudnya, membantu istri dlm mengerjakan pekerjaan rumah. disini justru yg banyak saya lihat, suami2 tsb, lebih sering yg memasak untuk keluarga…subhanalloh deh,..jadi, kalau yg kita temui beda dgn yg saya lihat disini, itu bener2 dari orangnya pribadi…yg mungkin krn terlalu ngjoss, jd salah kaprah menerapkannya, gitu aja…;) btw, dulu, sebelum ke jepun, di indo..pandangan saya ttg JT, persisss spt tulisan amel ini ;)tp begitu yg saya lihat dan saya temui langsung disini,..paling ngga, betul2 membuka wawasan saya, gimana JT sesungguhnya…
eniwei…good writen mel ;)seneng bacanya…dan mdh2n aja, org JT yg mel temui itu, memperoleh hidayah yg sebenarnya, aminnn…

Ahmad Qisa’i commented

An interesting post and it would be more interesting if you give more in-depth study on the JT. I won’t give my comment your post this time since some views that I wanted to pen down here have been largerly represented by the views of sang sangkuni and moeng. I just want to give you an offer that if you are really interested in understanding the real JT, better come down to New Delhi, India. By visiting the Markaaz-e-Jamaat at Nizamuddin, I believe, you will get a clearer picture of JT.

ps. I am not a JT follower, my friend is :D:)

ABDULLAH commented

Tak kenal maka tak sayang, itulah pepatah lama yang hingga saat ini masih berlaku.
ada seorang yang sedang makan dodol, maka orang lain dari jauh melihat ada orang makan benda hitam, maka dengan serta merta dia katakan bahwa .. eh kenapa makan aspal ??? kan aspal racun..buang..buang..

begitulah tuan2 yang mulia, kalau kita seorang ahli agama yang betul sayang dengan agama ini. maka kita harus luangkan waktu bersama mereka. anggap saja kita saat ini melakukan i’tikaf di masjid dan kita lihat secara seksama bila perlu kita gunakan tape recorder apa saja yg mereka lakukan dan katakan selama mereka keluar ( huruj) tsb. saya yakin ini akan lebih imbang dan afdhol ketimbang kita hanya mencari rujukan atas pendapat2 orang spt saya katakan diatas ( mereka mengatakan kenapa makan aspal).

kalau anti seorang perempuan, maka anti bisa minta tolong dengan teman atau saudara yg sudah bergabung dengan JT ini, untuk menginformasikan kapan ada jamaah masturoh disekitar tempat kediaman anti. atau mintalah ketemu langsung silaturrahmi dengan istri2 penanggung jawab dakwah JT ini, insya Allah akan dapat pencerahan. , inilah dalam rangka tabayyun, menyelidiki. gerangan faedah apa yg mereka dapatkan dengan bersusah payah istilah Gus Dur “kok repot amat” dengan dakwah segala.

akhirul kalam, sunnahnya Dakwah para anbiyah A.S adalah dengan harta dan diri. Jadi bila ada gerakan dakwah dimanapun mereka berada tapi justru mereka mendapatkan DUNIA dari gerakan mereka, maka ini tidak ada sunnahnya. Agama ini bisa tegak bila ada pengorbanan, sahabat ra. mereka imannya 100% karena mereka korbankan diri dan harta mereka untuk agama. ummat akhir zaman sedikit korban, atau malah tidak sama sekali. sehingga wajarlah bila agama ini sekarang seperti anak yatim tidak ada yang mau mengambilnya menjadi anak asuh.

wassalam, Karkun Aceh

aditya nur baskoro commented

:)) assalamualaikum, nama saya adit Alhamdulillah Allah telah pertemukan kita di dunia maya ini, senang bertemu dengan anda saudara seagama dan seiman.Allah lah yang menggerakan matahari, bulan, planet, berputar seperti jamaah haji yang berputar mengelilingi ka’bah demikian juga da’wah yang terus berputar diseluruh dunia dari negara ke negara, kota ke kota , desa ke desa, lorong ke lorong, pintu ke pintu menyampaikan kalimat la ilah ha ilallah muhammadurasulullah, menyampaikan pentingnya iman yakin kepada Allah dan amal sholeh,berssilaturahmi saling memberi semangat dan menghidupkan persaudaraan dalam islam dan iman, menghidupkan masjid dengan mengorbankan harta, waktu kesenangan pribadi, dan tenaga bahkan jiwa. kehidupan di dunia ini hanya sementara tidak ada yang tau pasti kapan dan dimana serta sedang apa saat kita mati. masalah kematian dirahasiakan oleh Allah tapi persiapan dan apa saja yg perlu dibawa untuk bekal diakhirat ini Allah beri tahu. bukan masalah lama atau cepat kita hidup didunia ini tapi bagaimana kita hidup didunia ini agar sukses di dunia, di kubur, di padang mashyar hingga sampai ke jannah.Kesuksesan hidup umat manusia ini hanya ada dalam agama yang sempurna, mengikuti perintah Allah dan sunnah Rasulullah, dan tidaklah aku ciptakan jin dan manusia kecuali untuk beribadah kepada Allah. bagaimana mengeluarkan kebesaran dan keyakina kita kepada selain Allah dan memasukan keyakinan dan kebesaran Allah kedalam hati kita. asbab itu adalah sunnah tapi yakin kepada asbab adlah salah. sahabat disuruh mengikat untanya sebelum di tinggalkan setelah itu tawakal tidak meyakini bahwa dengan mengikat itu untanya tidak akan hilang tapi dia yakin bahwa Allah yang akan menjaga. seringkali ditemukan dalam setiap perjalan khuruj betapa senang sekali saudara 2 muslim ini dikunjungi apalagi di daerah minoritas sehingga mereka merasa dan menyaksikan betapa besarnya islam ini dan kuat dan betapa diperhatikannya mereka. seperti dua orang yang saling bertemu dan berpisah karena Allah. bagaimana dalam setiap perjalan kita bisa berjumpa dengan para ulama dan ahli ibadah di tempat yang kita kunjungi. para ustadz dan hafiz kita saling mendoakan dan memberi semangat betapa indah islam ini. betapa banyak pemuda yang kering akan iman dalam hatinya dan mereka menunggu karena kelemahannya ada orang yang mau mengunjunginya dan mengingatkannya akan Allah dan akhirat, ada juga yg sudah lama ingin keluar dari kemaksiatan tapi bingung harus kemana dan bertemu siapa yg ikhlas dan penuh kasih sayang membimbing dan merangkul mereka dan menjadi teman pengganti apabila mereka keluar dari perkumpulan judinya atau perkumpulan kejahatan lainnya. teman 2 yang dari berbagai suku bangsa yang peduli dan rela mengorbankan harta dan waktu serta diri mereka untuk berjumpa dengan mereka. Insya Allah denagn ijin Allah kita semua bisa berjumpa nanti Allah mampu menjalankan hamba2nya, hal yang sangat mudah bagi Allah yang juga menjalankan seluruh alam semesta ini.:))

ilham ( KARKUN MAGELANG ) commented

assalamu alaikum
SAlam kenal. nm wahyu eko raharo. Alhamdullilah nikmat alloh gitu besar terutama nikmat IMAN dan ISLAM. Melihat pekerjaan Para Anbiya As dan sahabat RA. apa it pekerjaannya adalah dakwah. kita tau agama kakek n nenek kita dahulu apa? BUDHA n HINDU dan agama islam sampai di Indonesia bukan di bawa angin / burung. Tapi di bw oleh orang2 dr GUJARAT dimana mereka berdakwah dengan meninggalkan Keluarga mereka berkorban HARTA dan DIRI sehingga Agama sampai kita. kita tau ROSULLULOH telah tiada ttp RISALAH kenabian sampai hr kiamat. KITA tau RISO n PIKIR rosul adalah bagaimana seluruh umatnya masuk surga. padahal kita tau skr MSH byk umat di AMERIKA, EROPA, dll yg blm islam dan yg sudah islam tk sholat. tugas ROSUL yg blm selesai mk kita sebagi umatnya melanjutkannya. SESAMA muslim adalah sodara. sesama muslim ibarat 1 ubuh / badan. jika sakit mk kita sakit. skr kita liat byk sodara2 kita yg akan masuk NERAKA krn ga sholat ko kita dien aja. kita seharusnya ikut sakit. PEKERJAAN ROSUL adalah dakwah. brg siapa menghidupkn sunahku berarti iya cinta kpdku, brg siapa cinta kpdku ia akan msk surga bersamaku. DAKWAH yg bagaimana? DAKWAH cara ROSUL dng AZAZ korban diri n harta. org2 yg telah sukses adalah PARA SAHABAT mereka spt kita manusia biasa tp mrk mendapatkan gelar dr ALLOH yaitu RA krn mereka DAKWAH.

Afrianto Daud commented

Salam kenal Amel.

This is my first visit to your site. I got this link from Mbak Jennie. This is indeed a nice site. I like the content as it contains a wide range of topics.

Your writing about JT sounds great. I won’t say that your judgement is right or wrong. What I want to suggest you is just keep learning about this jamaah. Our judgement about an object is indeed determined by to what extent we know and understand about it. The judgement is a clear indicator reflecting the border lines of our undertanding.

So keep learning about JT.

Btw, I also write about JT in my blog. http://afriantodaud.multiply.com/journal/item/46

Just check it out.

2 Tanggapan

  1. Assalamu’alaykum wr.wb.,
    Jazakillahu khairan katsira. Your questions are very common and acceptable as you heard from very limiting sources. One point that I should put underline is you have very strong eagerness about dien of Islam. This is obviously very important to be in the heart of moslem ummah in order to progress and to renew their iman.

    Just suggestions, do not always rely on internet information. The more you are struggle to search the truth, Allah will guide/show you the truth path. This email/website is very limited. Dialogue is much more better.

    One thing should be understood, working for our dunia life is not exceed what our needs. To what extent of our necessity of life? and to what extent of our desire needs?

    I give you one example in Melbourne. One family is not giving up their dunia life, but from their home by the will of Allah, the husband is an ‘alim, the four children are hufaz and ‘alim, the wife is a qori. They are doing dakwah, working, teaching about dien..subhanallah. This happens in Australia not in Indonesia. They are Indonesian.

    One more for you to explain: what do you mean with 50:50 to make effort on our needs and our dien/akhirah. can you do it? or have you done it?

    If you don’t mind, where is your parent live? in victoria or other states? I live close by clayton, victoria. Sometimes I attend jemaah shalat n pengajian in westall masjid and monash uni masjid. I would like to make silaturahim to your parent/your famiily. Your parent and/you are very welcomed to visit our family also. For this month, we do have a ladies ta’lim in my home every sundays.

    BTW, you can email me on greencoal70@gmail.com

  2. asslmkm wrwb,
    ada seorang Ibu & anaknya ditinggal oleh suaminya disuatu tempat yang tdk ada asbab kehidupan, yg mnrt ulama bahkan tempat tsb jin saja ogah tinggal disana. dzolimkah suami ini? dzolim dong…! (jawab orang yg tdk faham JT) bila suami ini disuruh oleh atasnya untuk melakukan hal ini , dzolimkah atasannya? Dzolim……, Jadi nabi Ibrahim dzolim meninggalkan anak istrinya di Mekkah??????????????. jadi Yang memerintahkan Nabi Ibrahim Dzolim juga?…………Istigfar 100000000X

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